Personal Training

Looking to simply get in shape or to tone what you already have? We will work with you to set personal fitness goals and motivate you to reach them. You will also learn other aspects of wellness including general health and nutrition guidelines.

Free Consultation

Consulting Program

In your one-on-one meeting, we will help you maximize the benefits of your gym membership. We will review your medical and exercise history and perform and basic assessment to establish your baseline fitness level. We will help you set realistic goals, discuss the steps to achieving the goals, and make fitness recommendations.

Nutrition Counseling

Through a nutrition counseling program, we will help you master one of the most important requirements for good health – a balanced diet. Eating habits can make the difference between failure and success when it comes to losing weight or training for your next marathon.

Fitness Assessment

We will go through a series of tests to determine your fitness level and develop a personalized fitness program.

The results will help identify your strengths and weaknesses to set attainable fitness goals.

Contest Preparation

Preparing for a bodybuilding competition is perhaps the most difficult task a bodybuilder will undertake.

Through this program, we will make sure you have the proper diet plan and exercise regimen so you can peak at the proper time.

Home Gym Setup

We also specialize in installing a wide range of gym and fitness equipment. We will make sure you utilize your space in the best way possible.

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