Tysh Jones


I am many things, a mom of three, a wife, a personal trainer through IFTA: International Fitness Trainers of America,a sports nutritionist through IFPA: International Fitness Professionals Association, and a competitive figure athlete. I also hold certifications in Kickboxing, yoga/Pilate's. Fitness is a lifestyle, and I live it. I understand the difficulties of finding time, and overcoming physical limitations to exercise. I have a temperamental back: with a disk removed, pinched nerves in my neck, luxating patellas, and healed torn hamstring and shoulder injury. I also have Celiac Disease so nutrition is key in my life. Not to mention 3 kids! I teach my clients to realize that taking time for fitness and wellness is a pertinent part of their lives. I also teach them to apply healthy choices into their daily life. Where there is will, there is a way.

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