Chriss Thompson


As a dental hygienist, personal trainer, and nutritionist, I take full advantage of that hour of care by providing dental therapy, nutritional counseling, but most of all much needed motivation to grab a hold of life and get back to an extraordinary healthy state! I see patients every 3-6 months who seem to get bigger, take more medications, become consumed by depression, and age rapidly. Through talking with my patients I found they are generally confused about how to eat to gain better health, how to move their bodies to become functionally fit, and how to shop and plan for a week of nourishing and satisfying meals. That's why I developed my 6-week back to health course called, "Purge The Pantry." I teach my clients how to become an expert on their own body and how to develop a personal system to help them achieve their health goals. Now it's my turn to achieve a personal goal of stepping on the stage in a figure show! When I found Bobby Turner on his 4-D Fitness website I knew I found the right coach for my personal goal. Bobby's inspirational words dedication, desire, discipline, and determination have always been part of my personal mantra. Bobby is teaching me how to develop a physique with my personal structure and genetics in mind. In just a little over 18 weeks it will be my turn to share the stage with others with dreams and goals like mine.

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