HOMETOWN: Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Hi my name is Danielle Peters, I live in Reynoldsburg, Ohio with my husband Brian Peters. I have two boys, daughter and one grandson. I have worked in the Medical Field for over 20 years as a medical biller, I also work part time as a personal trainer. After the birth of my last child 13 years ago I was the biggest I'd even been, so I went on a diet and started working out, lost some weight and told myself never again, well again happened as I fall back into old habits as many of us do. My weight back up to 240lbs, all I could say was "No" so back to diet and exercising I went, weight got down to 160lbs and I hit a wall. So I got the advise from a friend of mine that is a personal trainer on my diet and the weight came flying off. Then I saw a picture of her, and I was like I want to do that, as she was a former figure competor, so off and flying I went and that was five years ago. I competed in my first show in the spring of 2013 at the Buckeye Classic, taking 5th place in the figure tall Novice class. Completing an additional 3 shows that year, finishing the year with a 2nd place win in the open figure tall class and 2nd in the maters class at the fall NOBA 2013. Yes you could say I got the competor bug. In 2014 I competed in two show UFE and NOBA place in both shows. Was planning on taking a year off to work on my weak areas, but just could not stay away so prep began January 2015 starting my year off at the NOBA placing 4th in the masters class, moving on to the Tri-State, placing 4th in masters figure. Told myself I'm done for the year, then I got wonderful visit from William Reddrick, on behalf of Bobby Turner offering me a spot on the 4DHealth team.... It was just what I was looking for as i was looking to make some changes..... I was sooo excited came home after that meeting with William going a 100 miles a minute while telling my husband all about it Needless to say I joined the 4DHealth team and I can't even put into words how honored I am to be part of the team, but 4DHealth is not just a team we are family.  The love and support I've received has been like no other. Completing an additional three show in 2015 as a 4DHealth team member has been " wow" amazing. I'm so very great full, not only to Bobby but to my family and friends that have been so supportive. None of this could of or would of happened with out them, especially my husband Brian Peters.

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