Rick Smith


Rick Smith is a former partner at Pediatric Associates of Dayton. Since retiring from medical practice, he enjoys both volunteer and physical activities. Bodybuilding has been a whole new experience, and one that has become his #1 avocation. \"I have been blessed in many ways, so I enjoy giving back through service work. I do volunteer work for the juvenile courts as a CASA (court-appointed special advocate) and for A Special Wish Foundation, Dayton Chapter. I serve on the boards of Ohio CASA; A Special Wish; and Friends of Wright Library. I have always been active, especially in endurance sports like long-distance running, bicycling and hiking. Bobby Turner and Rich Munn turned me onto bodybuilding, and I did my first show at the 2013 NPC Northern Kentucky Bodybuilding National Qualifier in March. What an experience! I still have a lot to learn, and my body still needs a lot of work, but Bobby & Rich have inspired me to give this 100%. Following Bobby\'s instruction and training, I have seen amazing results.\"

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